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3 Health Strategies to Live Happily and Healthily

If you feel run-down and tired and have difficulty focusing on tasks, you may not be taking care of yourself well enough to do your best each day. With a few lifestyle changes, you can feel better able to do the things you want to do.

1. Take the Time to Wind Down

If you’re not taking any time to relax, how can you expect to feel rested enough to always do your best? Many of us spend a lot of time on social media during our off hours, but too much social media can make your stress worse. Social media can lead you to compare yourself to others and can even become an addiction

Instead of looking to your phone for stress relief, consider using your spare time to do something that genuinely relaxes and recharges you. Meditation, which focuses on the concept of mindfulness, is a popular and effective way to accomplish this. You can take as much time as you want for meditation, as even five or 10 minutes can be enough to experience beneficial effects. You may wish to try guided meditation first, which helps you through the process. Numerous apps are designed for this purpose.

2. Get Quality Sleep

Sleep is something many of us neglect, sometimes proudly. Adults generally require around seven hours of sleep each night, though your individual needs may be different. However, according to government surveys, about 35% of all adults don’t even get seven hours.

Insufficient sleep is associated with a myriad of health problems both mental and physical. Psychiatric illnesses such as anxiety and depression are highly correlated with poor sleep. Consistently inadequate sleep can weaken your immune system, negatively affect your memory and concentration, and increase your risk of heart disease.

Sleep quality is at least as important as sleep duration and refers to how much time you spend in restful sleep.
Though you may be in bed for long enough, if you’re constantly waking up in the middle of the night or having
difficulty falling asleep, your sleep may be interrupted too often. This can result in a poor night’s sleep.

3. Change Up Your Career

There are things you can do if you’re unhappy with your job. Maybe you find the work boring and unchallenging and you’re thinking of switching careers. If you are considering earning a degree related to the field you’re interested in, this has become easier than ever thanks to the advent of online education. One of the primary advantages of online education is flexibility; you can take online classes and still handle other responsibilities, such as full-time work and family obligations. For example, if you pursue a bachelor’s degree in secondary education, this prepares you to teach children up to high school age. Whatever online program you choose, make sure it’s accredited and has competitive tuition rates. There are resources available that can compare online programs to help get you started.

These tips are just a sample of what you can do to improve your overall wellness. By being aware of and focusing on your wellbeing, you can prepare yourself to do your best on whatever you want to take on each day.

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