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Low Back Pain

There is a definite relationship between the hips, pelvis, sacrum the low back and the knees. When a patient gets a specific chiropractic adjustment or alignment to his lower back and/or pelvis/hips, there is a beneficial effect to the knees. Why? I’m glad you asked. This is based on the concept of the ‘kinetic chain” or the domino effect. Meaning if you knock over one domino, the rest of the dominoes follow suit. The nerves in your lower back go into the lower extremity and control and influence the lower extremity including the knees. In fact, the sciatic nerve goes right behind the knees.

Also, think of your car getting a front-end alignment. Think of the knees as like the tires of your car. if your car needs a front-end alignment, this is going to cause a “wear and tear” of your tires. So instead of getting new tires every 6 months, you instead get a front-end alignment. The same holds true for your body. Getting a chiropractic adjustment/alignment for the lower back can and does help the low back, hips, pelvis, sacrum AND also the knees. This can also help, slow down and repair any arthritic changes that are taking place in the lower back and/or the knees. So if your knees ache and you’re having arthritic changes, think about getting the structure aligned first, including getting your knees aligned and adjusted with a specific chiropractic adjustment.

We live in a cause and effect universe. Meaning if you have an effect, look for the cause. Don’t just suppress symptoms with drugs, as this does not heal anything. How do we know? Because when the drug wears off, you still have the original condition, as nothing has changed. If you have pain, pins and needle, numbness or burning, this means you have a pinched nerve. The only way to correct and heal a pinched nerve is through the safe and effective chiropractic adjustment. To me, this is a “no-brainer.”

Of course, also we can adjust the knees, which would also help heal the knees, and slow down and even reverse the wear and tear of the joint, called arthritis. In fact, we can adjust any joint in the body, except the nose. Why? Because it’s mostly cartilage.

Give our office a call at 412-367-3778, to see if even you are a candidate for conservative chiropractic care. We also do physical therapy, nutrition, massage, non-invasive acupuncture, and non-force adjusting such as the high-tech Impulse Instrument and of course Activator. These two techniques set the joints into motion and lines up the joints easily, safely and comfortably.

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