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Most Common Work-Related Chronic Pain Origins and Tips to Help

Chronic pain can be a real setback, especially if it is due to your work and impacts your lifestyle. The agony can be not only painful and stressful, but it can also take away your focus from what you are trying to accomplish in your everyday life. If your chronic pain is flaring up when you are at work, there are ways to help combat it. These tips from Dr. Goldberg Wellness Associates can help combat your chronic pain and find relief even if you are at your job.

Soothe Back Pain with Good Posture and Meditation

If you are constantly wondering why your lower back, upper back, or even neck is hurting, it could be due to how you are sitting. When we are focused on work at our computer, we are often unaware of how we are sitting. One way to address the chronic pain in your back and neck can be by addressing your daily sitting position.

 According to, poor posture can pull muscles and cause pain. Good posture involves sitting up straight with shoulders in line with your hips. You should also keep your head level to your computer screen and adjust the screen accordingly to your position, adjust the height of your chair so your feet are flat on the ground, and not cross your legs or ankles.

Meditation can also help address chronic back pain. Practicing meditation can help reduce pain intensity, and it’s known for its ability to help lower stress, which can reduce chronic pain as well. Find a quiet room or space with a pleasant view that gets plenty of natural light to meditate in. There are plenty of meditation apps available these days, including Calm and Headspace. These are easily available to move with you so if you are at work and can take a break in a quiet room, do a short meditation to help your chronic pain.

Combat Carpal Tunnel with Wrist Exercises

Tingling and numbness can be signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, and if you feel pain, it can escalate to becoming chronic pain. Everyday activities can cause carpal tunnel, such as using vibrating hand tools and even playing an instrument. Try taking a 15-minute break to give your wrists a rest and try to keep your wrists in a neutral position.

If you are at work, try practicing some wrist exercises and stretches. This can include stretching your arm out in front of you with a flexed hand as if you are showing “stop,” but point your fingers down to the ground before taking your free hand and pulling your fingers back toward your elbow. You can do the same stretch with your palm against the ground. Another exercise can be pulling your hand into a fist before blooming all of your fingers out and repeating the motion. You can easily do these stretches and exercises at a desk at work or at home or even in the car.

Eat Healthy Lunches Instead of Eating Out to Address Inflammation

If you often join your co-workers for lunch, it could add to your pain depending on what you eat. Chronic pain is due to chronic inflammation, and your diet can help reduce it just as much as it can make it worse. Whenever possible, bring a healthy lunch to work instead of ordering takeout that’s unhealthy.

Choose foods rich in omega-3 fats like fish that can help reduce inflammation while avoiding foods high in trans fats, refined sugars, fried foods, and red meat that can help produce more inflammation. Other foods that can assist include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and chicken. And as you bring healthier food into the house, purge the unhealthier stuff to make room for it. As you focus on what you put into your body, the nutrients provided by these foods can help reduce unnecessary inflammation and help to soothe your chronic pain.

As you try to accomplish your tasks, you don’t have to let chronic pain consume you. These exercises and suggestions can help spread relief as you can focus on the day ahead of you.

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