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Sacro-Iliac/SI How to treat

Sacroiliac Joint or SI Joint

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction or SI Joint Pain is one of the most undiagnosed problems in all of the medicine. Most conventional medical doctors are not trained to look for this. The good news is in our office we get excellent results by using a specific procedure that is part of a technique called: Sacro-Occipital -Technique, or SOT. This is also known as SI joint syndrome and SI joint sprain. This is a common occurrence in our office and some of the causes of it are trauma, falls, and repetitive stress and also car accidents.

SI Joint Function

The main function of the sacroiliac joints is to transmit forces between the upper body and the lower limbs. Women tend to be affected more often tan men since they tend to have more flexibility of their ligaments. Until recently the main anatomical textbook in medicine did NOT recognize that these joints even moved! Grey’s Anatomy, since some years now, state that the sacroiliac joints DO move, which has been a great help in making medical doctors accept that sacroiliac joints can benefit from chiropractic care and treatments.

The sacroiliac joint or SI joint lies next to the bottom of the spine below the lumbar spine and above the tailbone (coccyx). It connects the sacrum (the triangular bone at the bottom of the spine) with the pelvis (iliac crest). In Latin, the word sacrum means-“the sacred bone”, which shows you how important this is. Inside the joints is a system of ridges and grooves. The sacral side has a concave groove and the iliac side has a convex groove. Looking from behind onto someone’s back, you can see two dimples on either side just below the waist. This is where the SI joints are located. When the sacroiliac joint slips out of place (subluxation), this can be very painful in the lower back and it can even cause leg pain/sciatica. This can easily be corrected by using SOT blocks which specifically moves the joint back to its normal position and is thus fixed or corrected. This is a painless procedure and the good news is that the body’s own weight makes the correction, as the patient lies comfortably in a supine position on the SOT blocks. So by using SOT diagnosis and procedures, SI Joint Dysfunction can be easily found in our office, and easily fixed and corrected in our office.

Give Wellness Associates a call at 412-367-3778 to see if you are a candidate for the effective diagnosis and treatment of Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome, without drugs and without surgery. Health and Wellness naturally. The SI joint can be treated very effectively with Chiropractic Care.

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