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Six Tips for Better Sleep for Back Pain Sufferers

Back pain is an issue that plagues thousands of people all over the world. From construction workers and people who work difficult, manual jobs to moms who have to repeatedly pick up toddlers and small children, there are lots of people who suffer from back pain. Still, most experts agree that one way to fight back pain is to get a good night’s rest. There are many different ways to try and induce a full night of sleep. Here are a few tips from chiropractor Dr. Goldberg.

Invest in a Good Mattress

There’s no doubt that being surrounded by luxurious blankets and sheets can help someone feel more relaxed as they drift off into dreamland. However, people who suffer from chronic back pain can often wake up feeling worse than they did before falling asleep. That is where a really good mattress can help. A well-made mattress can help to keep the spine aligned and relieve any pressure to certain areas of the body, helping a back pain sufferer to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed. 

To pick out the right mattress, testing them out is vital. However, there are some mattress brands that experts have recommended as likely to help relieve back pain. These include brands like Brooklyn Bedding, Winkbeds, and the Nectar. 

Stretching Before Bed Can Help Provide Better Sleep

Exercise can help with a lot of different ailments, but there are specific exercises to help those with back pain issues. Done before bedtime, these exercises, which include yoga and stretching movements, can relieve strain on the back and lead to a deeper night’s rest. Doing these exercises doesn’t require any yoga mastery, and many only take a few seconds to do. 

These kinds of stretches are a great way to reduce stress. You may also find that visiting a chiropractor brings you relief, which will help you to sleep better. Dr. Goldberg performs chiropractic adjustments to relieve the nervous system and restore circulation back to your body. 

Sleep Apps can Help You to Stay Asleep

Sometimes, listening to soothing music or relaxing sounds can help promote a better quality of sleep. Sleep apps have become increasingly popular. Those that suffer from back pain can simply turn on the app before bed, and enjoy deep, restful sleep all throughout the night. A few popular sleep apps include Relax Melodies, a free app that creates custom mixes to help those with insomnia or other sleep issues fall asleep and stay asleep, and Sleep Time, an app that actually analyzes sleep cycles so you can better understand the way you rest best.

Still, there are drawbacks to sleep apps. Some experts suggest that sleeping with your phone in the room can actually cause issues falling asleep. There is also the issue of data usage—if you have a set data limit on your phone, running a sleep app throughout the night can lead to overage charges. To solve this dilemma, look into a phone plan that doesn’t have a data limit. 

Check Your Environment

It may be that your bedroom or living space is working against your sleep routine. Having too much light in your sleeping space can make it difficult to fall asleep. You may know that the blue lights emitted from electronic devices, including our phones, can make sleeping especially difficult. But did you know that poor plumbing can have a negative effect on your sleep and back pain? Leaking pipes can cause excess humidity in your home, which can cause back and joint pain and make it hard to sleep. If you’re experiencing these changes, check with local plumbers to see if they can find a link. If you don’t currently have a reliable plumber, search online for one who has good reviews and reasonable rates. Ask about their rates to come out for an evaluation of your home first so you’re not hit with any unexpected fees.

Your home could also harbor negative energy and anxiety triggers. There are many ways that you can reduce stress in your home that will lead to easier and more productive sleep. Even something as simple as organizing a room has positive effects.

Don’t Drink Caffeine Later in the Day

Many people rely on caffeine to power through their day. Still, for those who suffer from chronic back pain, it might be best to step away from the late afternoon cup of coffee. Sleep Advisor mentions studies that have shown people who drink caffeine later in the day tend to suffer from interrupted sleep. Those researchers recommend staying away from caffeine such as coffee or tea after 12 p.m. to avoid suffering from a restless night’s sleep. 

Other studies cited in Psychology Today have recommended a 2 p.m. cutoff time, so those who are considering eliminating caffeine so many hours before bed should play around with the timing to see how to get the greatest sleep benefits. 

Setting a Schedule Can Be Beneficial

While most people have very busy days with lots of things to do that can keep them up late at night, most sleep experts agree that setting a schedule can help people with chronic back pain enjoy better quality sleep. A sleep schedule simply means going to bed and getting up each morning at around the same time. 

Getting a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be an undertaking, but when you suffer from back pain, it can be. Upgrading to a supportive mattress and avoiding caffeine later in the day can make a big difference. But if your body continues to ache and keep you awake, try stretching and visiting chiropractor Dr. Goldberg

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