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Ways to Live a Healthy Lifestyle and Save Money

Americans spend over $264.6 billion in the physical activity market. That doesn’t include spending on other health gadgets, health food, and other health and wellness items. However, there are many ways to stay healthy on a budget to help you save money and stay well. Today, Dr. Goldberg Wellness Associates shares some tips and resources to get you started.

Exercise for Free

You don’t need an expensive gym membership to get your 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise weekly. Simple options at home or in the community work just as well for free. Here are some ideas:

  • Walk
  • Ride bikes
  • Play at the park with your kids
  • Watch YouTube exercise videos
  • Dance 

 If you’re a dog-owner, try taking your furry friend jogging or biking with you! They’ll love the attention and you’ll both benefit from the exercise and fresh air. Just make sure you invest in an escape-proof harness so that you can keep them safe.

Look for Discounts

Discounted products and fitness services can save you money while you stay healthy. Check with your employer for discounts on gym memberships and other services. Employee wellness programs may provide health insurance discounts. When grocery shopping, look for clearance health food items or fitness equipment. Buying non-perishable, healthy foods in bulk can also save you money.

Rethink Your Diet

Menu changes can improve your diet while saving you money. MyPlate recommendations suggest filling half your plate with fruits and veggies, which can also save you money, especially when you buy in-season produce or grow your own. Meat is often more expensive, and limiting how much you eat can improve your diet.

Get More Sleep

Getting 7 or more hours every night can support your health for free. Adequate sleep can help your mood and stress levels, reduce your risk for many health problems, and support a healthy weight. Making your bedroom cool, dark, and comfortable can improve your sleep. 

Stay on Top of Home Repairs

Your home is your refuge from the outside world, so it’s important to keep it as safe and healthy as possible. That means maintaining your plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems on a regular basis. Of course, hiring reputable repair services is essential when something goes wrong. For example, a leaky pipe could lead to issues with mold, not to mention that it wastes water. Stay on top of repairs right away to mitigate any issues. You can easily find pre-screened experts in your area when you search online for repair services in your zip code.

DIY Your Cleaners

Easy DIY cleaners get harsh chemicals out of your house. One simple homemade cleaner option is equal parts water and vinegar. Add some lemon rinds or lemon essential oil for extra cleaning and a fresh scent, but avoid using it on granite or other surfaces that are sensitive to acids.  

Monetize Your Lifestyle

Monetizing your healthy habits can help you earn money. Consider blogging about your health using affiliate marketing, or start a store selling sports gear, supplements, or other health items, either online or in a brick-and-mortar location. Opening a yoga studio, gym, or similar fitness facility is another option.

Having a logo is important for growing your branding and making you stand out from the competition. You can find a free logo design tool that lets you choose templates, styles, images, colors, and fonts to create an attractive logo. Forming an LLC can also help by providing tax benefits and liability protection but be sure to look into your specific state’s requirements before you begin the application process.

How Healthy Lifestyles Save You Money

Simply living a healthy lifestyle can help you save money in other ways. Here are some ways healthy changes can save you money:

  • Lower health and insurance premiums 
  • Fewer doctor and hospital visits
  • Fewer prescription medications
  • Less gas when you ride your bike or walk
  • Cheaper food budget by cooking at home

Start Saving

Being healthy doesn’t necessarily require expensive gym memberships, workout clothes, or specialty foods. It simply requires that you make some intentional changes in your lifestyle. From cooking healthy meals to increasing your physical activity, you will find yourself saving money and feeling healthier in no time!

Dr. Goldberg Wellness Associates emphasizes the importance of improving your health in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place. Call 412-367-3778.

Photo Credit: August de Richelieu via Pexels

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